Subject J

Subject J alias the currently new breed of dragon of on Equestria that have being create by secret scientists who's going to analyzing Spike the Dragon's D.N.A templates of his piece of his horn during the aftermath of his dragon growth spurt. To be honest, we'd analyzed of what's left of spike's horns. And for his green protrusion of his horns, he's the only tomato that's left us to do piling among his situation. Let's just say Jet's a star dragon who knows any elements of this solution. Our Focus group study that'd everything that the boys ages 9 to 14 find He's the most smarter headstrong and godlike. I suggested spike should be consider as his personal thing on his list of the day as his first to do list. Unless of course,He's most anxious of meeting Spike in person.

We going to let spike face  him dragon-to-dragon/