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Carlton Beaenkes
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• 12/26/2015

Fallen Down information

Hey. So I need some help writing for Fallen Down. So far, only one chapter has been fully written (it still needs to be proofread), but with DETERMINATION I plan on writing a retelling of the entire Pacifist route, and I may do Neutral and No Mercy stories after Fallen Down is done. I plan on having a good 20-30 chapters or so.

Some things I have planned

  • Undyne x Alphys will be in the story at some point.
  • Mettaton will play a minor role.
  • Asriel and Chara will be in the story in some way.
  • Frisk is perfectly capable of speaking, but chooses not to in some situations.
  • I was going to put another character here, but it's very nature is shrouded in 👎✌☼😐☠☜💧💧.


If you want to help out, you can ask me if you can have one of these positions.

  • Dialog writer for Undyne (open)
  • Dialog writer for Alphys (open)
  • Dialog writer for Asgore (open)
  • Dialog writer for Grillby (open)
  • Proofreader 2 (open)
  • Artist (open)
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Carlton Beaenkes
Ralf Hat
• 12/26/2015
• 12/26/2015
I already said I would work as a proofreader.
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