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• 1/3/2016

An application that isn't dank

I'd like to apply for admin because I feel I'm fit enough. Why? I guess the more the merrier. And nO WE DONT NEED 20+ LIKE IN AUGUST

I tend to follow the rules even though I've been kind to soapy and iogr bashes me for it and I've been on this wiki since the, well, the 2015 Super Bowl, and I have 1,268 edits.

As an admin, I won't pull an Oliver, aka treat admins higher than other users and bash people for liking a channel. I can also spruce chat up by adding emotes (is that thing even unlocked) and do other things I haven't mentioned. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

welp that's all I had to say

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• 1/3/2016
I'll think about it
• 1/3/2016
I'll talk to you on chat.
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