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1st Night is the beginning night in Five Nights at Nocturnal's. This is the night when Nocturnal, Iris and Flyer become active.

Phone call

The phone caller for this night is Victor and the audio ingame is known as CALL1.

"Hello? This is Nocturnal's Hootery, right? If it is, can you please pick up the phone? You shy or somethin', bud? I won't judge ya for that. Name's Victor, pal. Worked here when this place wasn't filled with neon lights and static carpets. Used to be assistant manager, but it turns out I violated "company policy". Somethin' about bringin' in your own food. So now that you know a bit about me, I need to know a little bit about you. But the only way to do that is if you picked up the dang phone, buddy! Listen. I really need to talk to you so if you can just... you know what? Fine. I'll just set some things straight right here, right now. Pull up your monitor, the oh-so-advanced "SecureTablet 7". It gives you access to every sight to see in this place. The withered pizza, those accursed animatronics, the puke stains from the kids on the carpet... everything. You can tap some buttons the company likes to call "GUIs". That's G-U-I. Tapping them allows you to close certain things in the building, but I wouldn't rely on them as they can mess with you sometimes. They have a small chance of failure, but even if it's small I wouldn't risk it. Just in case you're dumb enough to hit one of those GUIs and it fails, press the Reset button on the pillar to your right... which also has a chance of failure. In that case wait until the system automaticlly fixes it for you. It does somethin' the company calls an "auto-check" which checks it every 60 minutes for failure.

So be on the watch, alright? Also... you might wanna look at those animatronics more carefully."

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