A Scribblenauts Story: Drawing Dungeon is a Scribblenauts game developed by Fifth Cell and 505 Games. The game is different from other Scribblenauts games, as you can only use specific words in your notebook due to it being tampered with by the main antagonist, Tare. The game allows you to trace the outline of an item to unlock doors and do many other things to move on.


Tare, the antagonist, traps you in a series of complex dungeon-like rooms, deep underneath the surface. As Maxwell progresses, cutscenes reveal how Tare came into the world, something involving his past pranks taking a physical form, knocking Maxwell out, and placing him in an abandoned, complex dungeon with Lily.

The dungeon isn't really a dungeon, but a special kind of dungeon known as a "drawing dungeon", which has only a few actual jail cells in a few of the rooms. The dungeon wasn't previously like this, and puzzles were only added as a result of the corrupted Tare.

Also, the creator of the dungeon is never revealed throughout the course of the game.


The boss battles are entertaining, challenging, and some of them involve puzzles. They occur at the end of every dungeon section.