Arp is a program that allows for easy roleplaying founded in 2015.


Arp allows users to interact with others in a chatroom that users make and name. There are administrators of the chatroom, as indicated when you hover over their name. When doing so, a star will appear in place of the users cursor. Staff members of Arp that join your chatroom are indicated with an A when a user hovers over their name.

Users can easily make different characters using a character creator. The characters are given their own profile, complete with a description, like users. Administrators of a chatroom can play music from a music list on the right of their chatroom's box displaying the conversations between characters. Anybody is free to join the user's chatrooms via invitation, which is a link to the chatroom.


  • Arp was created by a company named Simple Seashell.
  • Arp is available for download at