How low will you descend to escape?
- Tagline
Below is a first-person 3D survival horror game released on Steam on September 23, 2015 by Hyacintho.


A hotel worker named Daniel Walker fulfills janitorial duties at a suspicious and unclean hotel. He frequents different floors of the building in order to do his tasks via a series of elevators. One day, he enters one of his normal elevators that suddenly descends drastically due to a snapped wire. The elevator crashes down to a hidden level of the facility, shaking the entire area.


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The game is seen from the first-person view of Daniel.


  • There are 20 music boxes scattered throughout the facility's levels. If the player collects all 20 of them, they can unlock a classical tune after the game's end credits resembling that of The London Bridge is Falling Down, a foreshadowing for Below 2: Door to London (as The Researcher is from London).

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