Chrome: [Walks up to Papa Squeegee counter] Can I get a job? I gotta pay my rent 'n stuff.
Employee: You want a job? Talk to the manager.
Chrome: Oh? Who's the manager?
Employee: You're lookin' at him.
Chrome: Oh! Hey, manager. Can I get a job?
Employee: Hmm? I'm not the manager. Ask the manager.
Chrome: But you said he was...
Employee: I meant the back wall. The back wall owns our restaurant.
Chrome: What the-- how did...?
Employee: Don't ask me. Ask the manager.
Chrome: Fine. Hello, wall, sir. Can I get a job?
Employee: Address him by his correct title.
Chrome: Hello, Mr. Manager, sir. Can I ge--
Employee: That's not the manager. That's the manager. [Points to the right wall]
Chrome: But, you just said...
Employee: Architechually, the right wall is the back wall.
Chrome: Enough games, alright? Can I talk to the manager already?
Man: [Walks up to counter] Can I get a job?
Manager: Sure, you're hired. You start Friday.
Chrome: Wait, but... I'm outta here.

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