Construct is an online massive multiplayer game that started development in 2005 and launched in 2008.

2014-current logo.


When the player signs up, they are automatically shown their own profile, which can be easily customized. Parts of the player's profile can be rearranged via a drag and drop feature, and the player can edit the appearance of their character, their description, their friends list, etc. The players names in the games vary, and can be changed for free along with passwords. Advertisements and donations keep the site running, along with purchases of the in-game currency simply called Currency, which allows the player to purchase special items to customize their avatar.


  • Construct and ROBLOX have a rivalry, according to users, but actually the two companies seem to get along, as ROBLOX once listed Construct as one of the best building games besides Minecraft and LEGO Digital Designer.
  • The creator states that he "had never heard of ROBLOX until a user had mentioned it."
  • In 2008, when the webpage was still under construction, the message "feel free to look at this" became an internet meme, and in the following years became paired with "My body is ready" and "Oh yeah Mr. Krabs".