Day and Night is a blocky survival game made for the PC released on January 5, 2015. The game focuses on the player trying to survive the climate and challenges of being stranded on an island. Much like other survival games, you have hunger and thirst. There is also a crafting feature in the game, and it can be done by holding the C key and drawing a box around/individually clicking the items you want to craft. Let go of the C key to be shown the possible craft options, if any.


There is a plot to the game unraveled on carvings on trees. The game reveals the player is actually a mute wanderer who somehow got trapped in an alternate world, which is the blocky world the player roams in. In order to escape, the player must build a portal constructed with many hard-to-find materials.


Once the portal is successfully constructed, the player will automatically enter it. Rumbling occurs, and the world around them begins to fall apart. Music plays as locations from the areas the player needed to travel to get the materials needed for the dimensional portal fly by the player. The rumbling will intensify, and the screen will cut to black as the player enters the portal.

The credits roll for the game, with it not ever revealing what the player's fate is.



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The game is unique for featuring a wide variety of items.