note: this was made so I won't type the entire copypasta in the nearby futurrrreee


KingKool720: hi soapy

Sophie: hi [private roleplays]

Igor: King kay kay you bad user that's it this is it that's the final straw, last straw I swear to god you have finally made me reach my peak im going to destroy your otter-infested miserable life. All you do is private rp with my girl, sophie that's all you do 24/7/365 well I had enough KK. I am going to finish you off here and now before you cause any more trouble you lazy bad user. Goodbye kay kay kool seven twennny, you will not be missed. i cant take this anymore you're worthless i wish i can take you to a subway tunnel and beat you to a pulp for 9 minutes straight you useless slobbering creepy mickey adore hater. i hate you KK. i oughta put you in a boot camp targeted 4 naughty mean bois like youh. STOP PRIVATE RPING WITH SOPHIE AND LOOK AT ME IN THE EYE YOU CONNIVING TWO FACED ADMIN

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