"Oh, the agony!"

–PC Guy's catchphrase

Edward Pearson (full name Edward von Native Esquire Poindexter Pearson), better known as PC Guy, is the main protagonist in Comedy World and the brother of Eric
. He was 13 years old until the episode, The Bad Birthday, where he turned 14.


PC Guy is a wisecracking, polite (depending on the situation), intelligent, and frail teenager. He is known for getting injured a lot, thanks to lacking physical strength.


  • He is hardly absent or tardy from school.
  • He has acrophobia (fear of heights) and bathmophobia (fear of stairs).
  • According to early character development sheets of him that dates back to 1995, he was supposed to own a tuba and, as a running gag, would let his friends try it out, only for them to play it better than him.
  • He was named after Comedy World's creative director, Edward Felker.

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