I am negativity in it's ripest form, ever since the first man had the cognitive thought of wrongdoing! All of you, with your sickening positivity, will now be exterminated like the vermin you are by your worst fear -- negativity!
- Exitium

Exitium is the main antagonist and final boss of GoLegends. It is a giant, threatening creature who is the representation of everyone in the world's negativity.


Exitium is essentially a gigantic eyeball held by several mechanical props, such as several pipes and veins. Four dark purple hands stretch from the floor and ceiling belonging to Exitium. Exitium's color scheme is purple and black, and it's reptilian-like pupil is completely black.



  • Exitium was formed when the first human had any thought of negativity, and nurtured on that negativity until all of it combined into the gigantic creature it is known as today.

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