Exo̱gí̱ is an upcomming villain in R.O.B.O., he is an alien robot from an unknown planet, he will make his debut in episodes 5-6.



Exo̱gí̱ is a rather odd looking robot, his body's purple and his horns and eyes are torquise. He wears a red Chinese outfit witch he stole from a dead martial artist. He also has a scissor like hand on his left hand for some reason.


Exo̱gí̱ is an enigmatic psycopath, he loves mentally and phisically torturing his victims before killing.He is extremely odd mannered and extremely arrogant.


He is very arrogant, leading him to underestimate his opponents. He also hates it when someone tries to describe him, and he will drop everything to stop them.


His name is derived from the greek word Exo̱gí̱ino which means alien

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