Eye Aye
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Eye Aye's regular appearance
Alias(es) The Spawn of Hitler
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Species Wonderfun
Race Crumpet
Alignment Neutral
Birth date Unknown
Death date Unknown
Height 4'7 (1.49m)
Weight 69x less than Iogr (9.8 pounds or 4.4kg)
Family Hitler, according to Iogr
Love interest(s) No one
Friends Keykey
Enemies Most people from the Wonderfun Dimension
Religion Atheist
Equipment Green lightsaber
Eye color Blue
Hair color Black
Voice actor Johnny Yong Bosch

Eye Aye is the Wonderfun Dimension version of IA. Not much is known about him, but according to Iogr, he is the son of Hitler who uses his evil laser thing to cause disasters. He is one of Iogr's biggest opposers, and has led a large revolution against his regime.

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