Five Nights at Fanimatronic's is a parody indie horror game developed by TheChromePerson. Every night in the video game has more and more fan-made animatronics in it, eventually getting to the point where there are 20 in the fifth night.


On a forum on the internet, a user has created an interactive experience where users who have submitted their fan-made animatronics get to be in a new game. Using a Rift-like device, the player is sent into a coma by flashing red and blue lights in the game, and due to beta testing it many times and spending most of his day doing so, he goes into a coma and has a nightmare about the game.

The cutscenes between each night focus on the player's current life in reality, as a meter on the bottom of the screen increases every time the player is scared by one of the fanimatronics. If this happens, the player can turn the lights on momentarily, wasting power. If the player gets scared enough, the player will die in real-life. If the power does run out, the player can't turn on the lights, so a generator has to be winded which takes about 5 seconds to reload. During the power outage, the fanimatronics become increasingly active searching for you.

The game's ending focuses on the player waking up in the hospital and having hallucinations about the fanimatronics, and then passing out.

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