Flashbacks are ten short simplistic animations that occur in points of the game Oxygen. Flashbacks usually last 30 seconds or a minute, and they all focus on Ignotus' time with his wife who left him, and eventually him signing up for the space project.

Flashback 1

Ignotus and his wife are at home with their children, showing them a picture of Ignotus and his wife and everything is peaceful. The picture accidentally falls due to Ignotus dropping it, and his wife gets angry when there is a crack between a painted heart on the picture. The flashback ends with the children running away.

Flashback 2

The picture is hung up on the wall, and Ignotus and his wife are presumably arguing about something, but it is unclear what due to the lack of sound.

Flashback 3

The picture has a noticeably larger crack in it, and the floor and walls have gotten darker. A rumble is heard and the sound of something shattering is heard.

Flashback 4

Ignotus stands in the corner as his wife stands at the door. The flashback is short, lasting about 10 seconds.

Flashback 5

Ignotus stands in the same position but noticeably in tears. The word "bye." is etched in paint on the wall, and the picture's crack is larger.

Flashback 6

Ignotus is sitting on the couch with his children, who are crying.

Flashback 7

Ignotus sees many sci-fi programs on TV, and is inspired to sign up for a space program to get away from the life on Earth for a bit.

Flashback 8

Ignotus is at a white room with a blue stripe. The door is black and so is the floor. The picture is now of the moon. A person shakes hands with Ignotus.

Flashback 9

Ignotus says goodbye to his kids, who hug his father. An elderly man, supposedly their grandfather, is in the corner of the room.

Flashback 10

Ignotus is in the rocket, and Strange is visible in the background. A split-second before the flashback ends, the screen blinks red, signifying some sort of alarm.


  • Flashbacks can randomly occur as parts of Hallucinations, which are rarely seen when Ignotus has three to one bars of oxygen left, but there is a capsule nearby or in another room.

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