Floodusers is a trolling forum established on August 10, 2009. It's sole intent is to flood websites with small-medium communities with tons of users from the forum pretending to be immature. This is done in order to fool the website affected into thinking they are underaged.


Normally, the trolls join the website they are planning to troll one at a time. It normally takes a week or two to fill the community with users. After the entire community is annoyed and administrators of the site notice, a "headmaster troll" uses unknown methods to down the site and temporarily turn it offline, and when the site is brought back nothing appears save for a white screen with the words "FLOODUSERS".

Notable users

Impacted sites

  • FoodDiscuss (Forum) (2008-2010) (Taken down by Spoonoodles)
  • Zeppelee (Chatroom) (2010-2010) (Taken down by FazMachine)
  • Danny (ARG) (2010-2010) (Taken down by FazMachine)
  • Everybody In! (Forum) (2005-2011) (Taken down by FazMachine)
  • Cat Toys the Sequel (Parody forum) (2010-2011) (Taken down by DaisythePlush)
  • Pictures of Pictures of Pictures of Pictures of Pictures (Blog) (2011-2014) (Taken down by DerickJeetor)


  • Multiple copycats have made their own forums to imitate Floodusers. These sites are usually taken down immediately by Floodusers themselves as they hate impersonators.
  • The "head headmaster" of the forum is a user by the name of "FlooduserO", given the nickname "FuO" on the forum. The name is actually a shortened form of "FlooduserOrganizer", as this person is the organizer for all of the trolling plans. He generally acts cheery and happy, but in a blog by a former headmaster troll who was exiled due to messing up an attempted attack, it is revealed FlooduserOrganizer is actually cruel and sadistic, only caring about himself and running the forum to torture others, shown by screenshots proved legitimate by FlooduserOrganizer himself.
  • The forum plans to keep doing this until "the police shut us down or we all die".

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