Floor 540 is the 540th floor of the lower levels of Moonlight Hotel, the hotel featured in the video game Below.


As soon as the player enters the room, it is recommended to grab the Red and blue wire pack, the Small kitchen knife and the Pickaxe. Gather all batteries. After gathering these items, the player must hop into the A-B cart. Read the small video shown on the cart's interior and wield the Small kitchen knife. The cart will have a loose bolt which, if not fixed, will plummet down into the darkness, leading the player to fall to their demise. The instructional video will tell the player to fix the cart in case of a loose bolt. Using the knife, the bolt can be fixed.

Use the Shift key to crouch in case of an object or wall coming on the top of the cart. Around 2 minutes into the ride, a weakened pipe will fall directly on top of the A-B cart, which can be avoided by crouching. A growl will emit from the darkness and a lavender dragon-like creature will sprout, crashing into the cart, causing it to make a metal grinding noise and flip. The player must hold onto the cart by holding Shift. It is recommended to hold Shift as soon as the creature touches the machine. The cart will re-adjust itself as the player can now stab the dragon using the knife. Now, using the Pickaxe, they can attack it further. Eventually it will be slayed and the cart ride will come to an end due to an alarm blaring and the cart halting. The player must balance the rest of the way there, as they are unable to go back.


  • This floor is regarded as one of the hardest in the game due to the many obstacles and the creature Lavendula.

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