Follow Me is a sprite-based RPG game released on March 1, 2015. The game tells the story of the player, who is guided to a strange town. Due to the resident's pleas, the player must save them from an upcoming potential threat.


The game begins after the player chooses their appearance, gender and name. The game starts with the player laying awake in bed with their computer, apparently on a social network site. The player is apparently confused by something that happened before the events of the game. Strange texts have been sent to the player along the lines of "save us" and "help me". The player then falls asleep, and the computer begins to shake and rumble. Texts appear quickly on the computer, and a lady tells the sleeping player to follow her. After a period of silence, the player is kidnapped by the lady.

The player wakes up in a small city...



The game gained 4/5 stars from (PLACEHOLDER).



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