Wonderfun Gorge



Alias(es) Gorge
Gender Male
Species Wonderfun
Race MS Paint humanoid
Alignment Good
Birth date Unknown
Death date Unknown
Height TBE (by Gorge)
Weight TBE (by Gorge)
Love interest(s) Soapy D. Uter
Friends The people from Nick Fanon
Soapy D. Uter
Enemies Iogr the Mii
Wonderfun police
Religion TBD (by Gorge)
Equipment Infinite bottles of Caffeine-free Sun Drop
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Voice actor Dee Bradley Baker

Garage is the Wonderfun Dimension version of Gorge who is currently being hunted by Iogr the Mii and his slaves for spraying Caffeine-free Sun Drop on an important factory assembly line, causing Iogrbombs to set off in the stratosphere and the sky to turn red.

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