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Release date August 31, 2015
GoLegends is a 3D RPG action-adventure video game released on the Wii U on August 31, 2015. The game's age rating is T (Teen) and started development on July 31, 2013. The game is developed by Hyacintho.


In the year of 2015, GoCity is under attack by a strange group known as the Vermiculus, who's goal is to make the entire world shrouded in negativity. Now it is up to the heroes of GoCity to defeat these strange people and restore positivity to the world again.


The overworld is completely three-dimensional, and battles take place in a 3D style similar to the two games Pokémon X and Pokémon Y. The player can build their own tower, which can have various floors.



A sarcastic but caring android who fights crime. He is the first protagonist seen in game.


A 14-year-old human who hangs out in GoCity. He is the second protagonist seen in game.

Igor the Mii

A 13-year-old Brazilian human who is the lead member of the GoGang. He is the third protagonist seen in game.

Sophie the Otter

An otter who resides in Lake Hoohaw. She is the fourth protagonist seen in game.

Pingy Animatronic

An animatronic penguin who is a prized member of the GoGang. He is the fifth protagonist seen in game.

Mr. Driller





An intelligent Tamagotchi who makes inventions to help out with stuff.


Name HP Difficulty (1 to 5) Encountered when?
Forgetful Repairman 100 1 Chapter 1
Soapy D. Uter 200 1 Chapter 2
John 370 1 Chapter 3
Gnarliest 500 2 Chapter 4
Trigonome 1,000 2 Chapter 5
King Empty Jay 3,500 2 Chapter 6
Crush 4,000 2 Chapter 7
Rain 4,000 2 Chapter 7
Bolts 4,000 2 Chapter 7
Nocturnal 4,000 2 Chapter 7
Nova 6,000 4 Chapter 14
Dragon Nova 7,000 4 Chapter 14
Vermiculus Prince 10,000 4 Chapter 14
Negative Guarder 12,000 5 Chapter 15
Exitium 15,000 5 Chapter 15
Exaruit 17,000 5 Chapter 15

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