The Gorge virus is a computer virus only obtained by visiting a website called, which instantly plants the virus.


The virus replaces all computer files with "What.png", a picture of an otter with a stock image bow photoshopped orange. The background will be set to an image of Caffeine-free Sun Drop, and all YouTube videos will redirect to a video called "Doctor Who Animated Episode 1".


The virus' alleged first victim was a man by the name of Reggie Potato, who states the virus "ruined his social life, burnt his crops and medically proved to kill him in 10 weeks". The "virus" allegedly kill him in 10 weeks via Caffeine-free Sun Drop overdose, however this is rumored to be a hoax. Approximately 303,903 people were affected.

The virus creator, C. Bolick, was found through the channel that uploaded the Doctor Who Animated video. He was arrested on May 20th, 2015 and sent straight to jail. His last word before being arrested was "what".

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