Hallucinations can randomly occur when Ignotus has three to one bars of oxygen left when near an oxygen capsule in specific rooms in the game Oxygen.

His Wife

Ignotus' wife, Vale, will appear in the corner of Room 38 on the Upper Left Section of Strange. If Ignotus approaches Vale, she will look at him and fade away.

His Children

Ignotus' children will appear on the left of Room 45 on the Upper Left Section of Strange. They will run up to him and give him a hug before disappearing. Ignotus comments on this, asking Opus if he saw what just happened. Opus replies by saying no.

Atto Attacks His Children

In Room 12 on the Lower Left Section of Strange, Atto can be seen on one bar of oxygen attempting to crush Ignotus' children. The hallucination can only be seen by people with good eyes, as the sprites for the hallucination are almost fully transparent.

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