I was an intern at Intern, Inc. and my hyper realistic job was to view the hyper realistic episodes of The WilliamWill2343 s00per sh0w before they aired on television. However, there's one I'll never forget.

One afternoon, Sophie got out her hyper-realistic laptop and logged into GoAnimate V2. HYPER REALISTICALLY.

"Now, it's your turn to edit this page, Sophie."

Aaaaand of course, WilliamWill sent a message on her wall, commanding her to edit two pages.

"I've had enough of his tomfoolery," Sophie thought. "I'm putting an end to this."

So she doxed WilliamWill and delivered noodles to his house. Then he turned him into Shrek, using an onion-flavored potion. Then she installed a flash drive into his PC.


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