This page contains content which may include brief profanity, brief drug references, mild violence, and brief suggestive themes. If you do not want to be offended or exposed to it, go back to your previous page or go elsewhere.

Welcome to Igorpedia! Please, take a seat, but don't touch anything or leave any prints because Igor can track you down like that. In fact, lay low for now. Literally, lay on the floor. Igorwaves can sense your movement if you get high. Not beer high. High high. Like Eiffel Tower high. You get what I mean. Uh, we shouldn't introduce ourselves. Igor can track us down like that.

I have yogurt we can live on, if you want to stay. Scooby-Doo branded yogurt. It has lots of bouncy stickers on it, which makes this bleak atmosphere seem like a wonderfun day. We haven't had true wonderfun days in so long.

Oh no.

I hear the cops.

Get into hiding, and I'll make sure you'll live.

...please live.

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