Indoors is an indie survival horror game developed by a team of friends. The development started July 2014 to January 2015. The game was released March 1, 2015 on Steam. The gam is currently in development for the PlayStation 4.


The player awakens in an abandoned water park, remembering they fell asleep while sitting on a chair during closing time. Something else is in the water park with the player, which is only heard by footsteps. The louder the steps are, the closer it is.

The player can hear employees talking from somewhere, discussing the closure of the park due to an incident that happened a few days ago involving the death of a tourist, as the water park is revealed to be a tourist attraction.

The player has a hunger and thirst system, so they have to eat and drink things at a stand selling fast food items.

If the player manages to survive 12 hours in real-time, the gates will be thrown open. The player doesn't have to play the game for 12 hours straight due to a saving system where the player can manually save every ten minutes.

The player can also click on certain items in the park to trigger SNES-style minigames which eventually reveal the backstory of the park and how an innocent tourist was killed by a faulty water ride.

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