Iogr the Mii


Iogr the Mii

Regular appearance
Pronounciation eye-oh-grr the me
Alias(es) Iogr
Iggy Pop
Iogr the Brogre
Gender Male
Species Wonderfun
Race Brazilian
Alignment Bad
Birth date Unknown
Death date October 20, 2018, killed by Oliverdog (Timeline 1)
Height 5'3 (1.6002 m)
Weight 675 pounds (306.2 kg)
Family Iogr the Mii's mother
Iogr the Mii's father
Love interest(s) Soapy D. Uter
Friends Soapy D. Uter
Jomz from Pokeman (best friend)
Some of his slaves
Enemies Everyone from other dimensions
Eye Ayy
Religion Iogrism
Equipment Electric shopping cart
Golf cart
Eye color Black
Hair color Brown
Voice actor Seth MacFarlane
Can I borrow 6 bucks?
- Iogr the Mii to Keykey

Iogr the Mii is an obese manchild who ensures everyone in his dimension works in coal mines. He is the sole dictator of the Wonderfun Dimension who always makes up arbitrary and meaningless rules to make his society worse. Several of his slaves have died due to his unfairness and stubbornness. He always puts himself above and manipulates his "friends", who he thinks of as more of his slaves.



Iogr is an impolite and selfish person who rules the Wonderfun Dimension with an iron fist. He is very demanding and he is always craving for food.


  • His skin is immune to bullets from guns since they'll just bounce right off of him.


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