Character parts disattaching

At rare occasions while loading a game, your character parts may disattach and hover in mid-air. This is a glitch with Fluid Animation that has not been patched. Note that the games that use Fluid Animation and use some form of spawn points have this glitch. Fluid Animation has commented on this, saying the animation process is complicated and it would take about a month to patch.

Invisible character

Your avatar may become invisible when loading a game. This glitch was patched one month after it was discovered. The invisible character glitch may be accomplished today by clicking the play button as many times as possible before the game window loads. Your character may become invisible when it loads as long as you stay in the game and don't click anything that may be clickable in the game.

May glitch

In the NPC script, if you name that NPC "May", it has a chance of glitching the nametag. This is due to a glitch in naming characters. Other names such as "Mary" and "Marco" have worked as well. Below is a full list of the names that may trigger the glitch. The glitch is not patched due to the community using this glitch to get the name to glitch purposely. The Construct administration is thinking of making a feature that glitches the name by entering (glitch) before a name.

  • May
  • Mary
  • Marco
  • Marshmallow
  • Viridian
  • 80cool
  • March
  • Marry
  • Merry
  • Polar
  • Sol
  • 100000000
  • McCoy
  • A man
  • You are mean
  • Police Officer
  • Lego
  • FiOS
  • Book

Sound glitch

The sound has a chance of distorting if the song is exactly an hour in length.


If you buy the "Zebra" character model, there is a chance it will not show up in your inventory, making it impossible to equip. This glitch was patched July 2014.