Entering the room

Chrome: Exitium...
Igor the Mii: As freaky as I remember him!
Chrome: You're right, Igor. He is freaky.
Sophie the Otter: Technically, "he" would be an "it"...
KingKool720: Can I beat "it" up?
(Exitium awakens)
Exitium: Hello, humans. It is about time somebody has showed up to attempt and stop me. It's been years.
KingKool720: But... can I beat it up?
James: There's no need to ask!
Exitium: So quick to rage, are you not?
James: Rage? I'll show you rage!
Exitium: You all make me sick. With your hopelessness and will, I almost feel sorry for you. All of you attempt to reign victorious by showing off your positivity, but sadly you have to face the truth. Positivity is a cover for what is truly underneath, the thing nobody can escape because they were born with it from the first human being. Negativity. The worst part is, I am negativity in it's ripest form, ever since the first man had the cognitive thought of wrongdoing! All of you, with your sickening positivity, will now be exterminated like the vermin you are by your worst fears...
Chrome: Guys, let's make sure we have all our items ready before we poke this eyeball!
KingKool720: So I can beat it up!


Phase 1

Exitium: Do you know who you're messing with?!

Exitium: You cannot defeat pure negativity!

Exitium: Metallic parts will protect me, but do I even need them?

Exitium: Stop this at once!

Phase 2

[[]]: So quick to rage, are you not?

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