Living like Lenny
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TV rating TV-14
Living like Lenny is a television show airing on Adult Swim that focuses on Lenny, a mentally insane middle-aged man who everyone is afraid of due to his extensive criminal record that expands every day. The show takes place from Lenny's viewpoint where he sees criminal action as something completely normal and legal.


Lenny is a silent, retired middle-aged man who has the world record for most laws broken. Despite this, he has never been thrown in prison because he can evade and distract police officers and law enforcement. Every episode is focused on Lenny's wacky and inane antics and his day-to-day struggles.



Season 1

  1. Lenny's Driving Test - Lenny attempts to get a driver's license so he can have his own car, but once he sees the driving course things don't go as intended.
  2. Lenny Visits Papa Squeegee - Lenny visits the local Papa Squeegee to buy a bag of fried squeegees, but he accidentally slips on a puddle of fry grease and attempts to sue them.
  3. Lenny Visits the Park - Lenny goes for a stroll in the park.