Markiplier's Adventure of Fun is a trilogy of Markiplier fangames created by Curiousgorge66.


  • Markiplier*
  • Bob*
  • Wade*
  • Tiny Box Tim*
  • Faceless Person (from :the game:)
  • Sophie*
  • iHasCupquake
  • yamimash
  • Head of BP
  • Uhcakip
  • Flumpty
  • Golden Freddy*
  • The Visitor
  • Evil Tiny Box Tim
  • Eihpos
  • Spooky
  • asterisk = the character appeared in more than one game in the trilogy.


  • A sequel (not named under the official trilogy name, but shares the same continuity as the trilogy) called "Markiplier's Quest for Coffee" was made.
  • Sophie has been alluded in Gorge's work starring Markiplier in the past; these are noticeable in his Markiplier animations.

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