Marvelous Mechanisms is a 3D massive multiplayer online (MMO) video game developed in early 2016 by Hyacintho and released on August 1, 2016 for Hyacintho Sea. The game is rated E10+ for fantasy violence and infrequent suggestive dialouge. The game is designed to look blocky, and not that realistic at all. The game was developed by Hyacintho with constant updates following.


In the game, the player builds and names mechanisms in the Marvelous Mechanism Maker. The maker is simple and easy to use, and acts as a simple 3D drag and drop interface. The maker is split into five steps: the first one is to shape the endoskeleton of your mechanism, the second one is to add additional things to the endoskeleton such as the external layout of the endoskeleton for players to see if the mechanism is destroyed. Once this step is completed, the endoskeleton is covered by the shell, which is the visible part of the player's mechanism excluding when they get destroyed and the shell breaks apart, revealing the endoskeleton. The third one is to color and change the material of the shell. The fourth step is to add additional things onto the shell, such as armor. After you complete this step, the player will have to arrange where the head, hands and feet are so when the mechanism equips a weapon or additional armor, it looks correct. The fifth step is to give the mechanism a name, a description, and tags. There is also a height and width limit to the mechanism, and different types and categories that can be installed.

Once the player builds a mechanism, they can control them in a map, which contains other players controlling mechanisms and interacting with the enviroment. Mechanisms can level up when battling other players. Currency is in the form of gears, which can be collected throughout the enviroment and used to purchase weapons to install onto your mechanism or to make your mechanism equip.

Gears can be used to install weapons and more parts and features onto your mechanism. Maps can be made with a map maker and some are accepted into the game monthly.



  • Originally, the design was to look extremely realistic with real-life locations such as The Statue of Liberty and a more steampunk-like design. However, this was scrapped in favor of the blocky design to make building easier.