OliverWestern (sometimes known as willkrypton1986 or krypton1986) is an occasional user on this wiki, whom is from the UK. He is also a Non Sider. He was working his way to reforming the past GoAnimate wikis. He is currently planning the merge of a few GoAnimate Wikis so that there is only one wiki for GoAnimate (plus a back-up), with the rest merging with this wiki. Unfortunately, this plan has failed, and is awaiting punishment (preferably a block for life).

OliverWestern, now a volunteer (outside Wikia) at Daisy UK, is slowly feeling pushed out of Creation Wiki. He hopes this feeling will end once the cull on the GoAnimate Wikis have taken place.

This user has yet to be punished by this wiki for failing to reform the GoAnimate Wikis.

Recently, he was accused of being WAY too hard on himself, after a recent fight broke out between this wiki, and Igor's Community Plaza Wiki, had him sacrifice his place in the GoGang in order to try and prevent the two wikis from fighting.

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