PMLand is the direct opposite of the Wonderfun Dimension and a safe zone that cannot be destroyed by Iogrbombs.  It's ruled by Keykey and Soapy D. Uter.


You will get a 3-star wanted level (that will shortly change to 69 stars)  if you enter PMLand's grounds and are not Soapy or Keykey. Malicious bodyguards, tanks, and 420 helicopters will be sent to your last known location. It's impossible to outrun them without paying a fine of $2012,1337,690,420.


Recently, Jomz from Pokeman and Iogr the Mii were caught on PMLand's grounds to take Soapy to Unova (aka give her free candy). They have been incarcerated since.

In 2018, Pinky dies in this place due to him being left out by Iogr, Soapy, Jomz, and KewlGemur during the Iogrbomb attack.

What happens if you trespass

In other words, stay out.

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