Pixelated minigames are sprite-based scenes appearing in Five Nights at Nocturnal's 2: The Night Owl after the completion of a night. The minigames showcase several events of the past, complete with text boxes and animation.


Night 1

A child is eating breakfast with his mother and sister and enters a convertible leading to Spot's Funtime Jam. The player can now interact with the minigame and enter the restaurant to see other children watching the animatronic show.

Night 2

The same child from the previous minigame does the same thing as Night 1, entering the car after eating breakfast. This time, the child is locked in at night. He attempts to hide from the night worker and witnesses a janitor locked alongside him. He had lost his key due to carelessness, so he looks around Spot, who is stuck in performing mode. Spot tears off the janitor's arm, causing his broom to fall and his knocked-out body to drop to the floor. The child is scarred and cries under the table.

Night 3

Spot's is faced with shutdown after the janitor sues the company, never returning again. Meanwhile, the child curls up in a ball in his room, reliving the event in his mind over and over. The child enters his bed as lightning flashes outside to reveal a shadow of Spot on the wall.

Night 4

The restaurant opens after a brief hiatus where the children watch the same show, including the minigame child. He looks at everything with disgust, and turns his back to the company. The screen fades to black as he cries.

Night 5

The child learns that the janitor has died due to his injuries as a funeral takes place. The final bit of dialog reveals the janitor was the child's father, before the child curls his fist into a ball.

Night 6

Years have passed since the incident as the child is fully grown. He heads back to Spot's Funtime Jam in 2010 and goes up to the same stage as the other minigames. He shoves Spot off of the stage as he comes crashing down on another child. This event is the real reason why Spot's shuts down.

Hootery House Party

The minigame is simply a withered Spot in the backstage area, laying on the floor. Nothing else takes place.

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