The Portal to Freedom is an object of significance in the game Day and Night. It is constructed by the player to escape the blocky world the player is forced to roam in.

How to construct

Step 1

The player must take all ten tree carvings which display important information written by the player. The player must then choose an easy-to-access location to build the portal, with the best choice being a flat area with no mountains or harmful creatures lurking about. The player must put the wood carvings in a lined up order, with the carvings facing opposite of where you stand.

Step 2

The player must find a gramophone next to some rocks on the beach or next to a tree carving that the player found. Once brought to the carvings, you must NOT activate it or else the entire process with be reset.

Step 3

Find seaweed from underwater and bring it to the portal. The seaweed must be placed on top of the third and seventh wood carving.

Step 4

Find sugar and sprinkle it on the wood carvings. The screen will turn white as the objects will turn into a portal. The gramophone must then be activated.

Step 5

Watch the cutscene and enter the portal. The credits will roll, and you will be brought back to your last save with the portal close by.


  • The method to build the portal was discovered within only one week of the ending's release.

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