Release date March 26, 2016 (JP)
March 27, 2016 (US)
March 28, 2016 (CA)
Developer Hyacintho
Age rating T Teen
Genre Fighting
Platform Hyacintho Waterway

Beauty, brains and brawn fight to win it all!

Potens is a 3D crossover fighting video game developed and published by Hyacintho and released for the Hyacintho Waterway on March 26, 2016. Potens is noted for its wide selection of crossover content, which originate from many different works. The game gathered positive reviews on its release, but it was criticized for its lack of stability and frequent crashes, which were both improved upon in later updates. The game updates on a semi-daily basis, providing new content for the game.

The game was years in development, and it was originally planned to be released as a launch title for the Hyacintho Waterway before it was pushed back several months. Within the first week of its release, the game sold over 3,000,000 copies.


Players can battle against one another or against computers in a gameplay style similar to that of the Super Smash Bros. video game series. Each player chooses a "poten" (a term for the playable fighting characters that appear in the game) from a selection screen so they can control them in combat. Poten can die by either taking enough damage and being launched outside of the screen's boundaries, or having their health lowered all of the way down from a set limit. Every poten also has an omega move, which can be used once in a set time when a bar beside the poten's icon is filled to its maximum capacity. When battles are won, each player who participated is awarded with silvi, the game's form of currency which can be used to purchase things. Silvi is assigned to the player's profile, which must be created in order to play the game.


Main article: Category:Poten

In Potens, the characters in which players utilize in combat are known as poten. Before combat, poten will appear in a selection screen, which is then followed by a stage selection screen after certain conditions are met and the start button is pressed. In the poten selection screen, square slots appear with the poten's icon, insignia and name. Selecting any of these slots will choose the poten the player will utilize in combat. When Potens is launched for the first time or reset, 50 default fighters will be randomly chosen for the player to use. Poten can originate from other works, or they can be original characters.


Various assistants are available to help the players who summon them or give a disadvantage or distraction. Assistants can be summoned by either assigning one before the battle and using a summon move (doing this costs silvi), or picking up and using an item that summons a random assistant.


There are various items available to utilize in battle.


There are various stages available to battle on.


There are a variety of minigames that can be played to earn silvi. A randomly selected minigame has a chance to be played after some types of battles, and completing it may upgrade or double rewards won after the battle.


Settings are the collective group of customizable options that can change various aspects of the game. Some settings can be shown in certain places, while a full list exists on its own menu screen.

  • Spoiler prevention toggles spoiler prevention throughout the game. When enabled, it blurs and modifies any spoiler-showing content in the game. Spoiler prevention is enabled by default.
  • Team treats toggles a system that causes the abilities of poten to be upgraded when a group of certain poten are used in a team together. Team treats is turned off by default.
  • Team colors modifies the four possible team colors shown when teams are on. Selectable colors are blue, red, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, lime, brown, maroon, black and white.


  • An early name for Potens was Potestatem, which is a Latin word for "power".


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