Rampfight is a 3D competitive video game released by Hyacintho on September 2nd, 2015 for the Steam platform. The game is constantly updated with new cores and features.


Rampfight features seven balls that can be flung up a ramp into several holes on the top with a different score, similar to Ski-ball.


Story Mode

In Story Mode, there are a total of 135 unique levels which the player has to complete.

Championship Mode

Obstacle Mode

In Obstacle Mode, there are several obstacles on the ramp which have to be avoided, such as ping-pong paddles swiping at the balls or a robot arm grabbing them and flinging them back at the player. The last ball standing in the round will be disqualified. However, the last surviving ball in the entire championship will win.

All-Star Mode

All-Star Mode is the hardest mode in the game, with various obstacles coming at the player non-stop and only one ball. If the player can survive for ten minutes on 10 rounds, they win.

Free-Play Mode

In Free-Play Mode, the player has infinite lives and can resummon balls once they have entered a hole. They can also set the length and width of the ramp and how many balls can be on it.

Multiplayer Mode

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