The SecureTablet 7 is a tablet operated by the player in Five Nights at Nocturnal's. The device allows the player to see areas of the pizzeria via security cameras. The device also has GUIs to control various parts of the facility which at times can fail. In this case, the player must quickly press the Reset button on the side wall in the office.


GUIs are buttons on the tablet's screen that when tapped activate a certain event within the pizzeria. If a GUI remains active for too long (save for the Enable/disable camera GUI), an alarm will sound and that GUI will fail, sometimes impacting other GUIs.

Enable/disable camera

This GUI enables or disables cameras, which can temporarily stun an animatronic who is in the same room as the camera. This is due to the electronic noise the camera emits once it is disabled, distracting the animatronic. When pressed once, the camera is disabled. When pressed again, the camera is enabled.

Enable/disable lighting

This GUI turns the light off in a room to preserve power. This only impacts one room at a time. When pressed once, the light turns off. When pressed again, the light turns on.

Enable/disable ventilation

This GUI enables or disables the ventilation, stopping the animatronics from resching the office through the vents. When closed for too long, toxic air begins to emit into the office. When pressed once, the vents seal. When pressed again, the vents unseal.

Lock/unlock door

This GUI locks and unlocks the backstage door/kitchen door, preventing animatroncs from getting in or out. This GUI is buggy and has a 50% chance of failure every time it is activated. When pressed once, the door locks. When pressed again, the door unlocks.

Disable everything

This GUI disables everything for the remainder of the night to save power. This can be activated in the Backstage camera and should only be used as a last resort if the player is running low on power. With this activated, the player cannot bring up the tablet, hit the Reset button, or use any GUIs. All the player can do is sit and wait.


  • The "disable everything" GUI has a 0.01/99% chance of failure, and has so far only been recorded twice. However, looking in the code proves this is a real event that can happen in the game.
  • There is no official image of the SecureTablet 7 as a flash of static occurs when the button is clicked without any animation revealing it.

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