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You walk into the shack, slightly scared. The lights turn on and Shrek comes out, hands on his hips.

Shrek: Oi, laddeh! Welcome to my Shrek Shack! Now buy saamethin' if yore reaaly' eh folloher of mie!

What will you do?

You decide to take a gaze at what lays in the shack, not scared of the ogre towering behind you. You take a good look... what do you want?

Running away was a bad choice, as Shrek firmly grasps you and puts you on hands and knees.

Shrek: Oi, that was thee' incorrekt chooice, laddeh. Now yeo haav' too paey!

You black out from sheer fright with your last moment being Shrek's face looking at you with a disapproving frown. You are sad, in your last moments of thought, for making Shrek sad.


What a pity. You die right on the spot from a heart attack. Shrek doesn't know what to do, so he simply buries you beneath his onion field.


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