Soapy D. Uter
Soapy D. Uter
Regular appearance
Alias(es) Soapy
Age Unknown
Gender Female
Species Otter
Race Shapeshiftese
Alignment Undecided
Birth date Unknown
Death date N/A
Height 5'0" (1.524 m)
Weight 670 pounds (304 kg)
Family Unknown
Love interest(s) Iogr the Mii (one-sided on his side)
Friends Iogr the Mii
Jomz from Pokeman
The other slaves
Enemies Everyone from the regular dimension
Religion Agnostic
Equipment Mining gloves
Eye color Black
Hair color Black
Voice actor Tress MacNeille
Soapy D. Uter is the Wonderfun version of Sophie Otter.


To be written on the meantime.


  • She has shed her tail completely due to her obesity.

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