Stuicide is a minor feature in Wonderfun RPG: The Fad War, in which the player can repeatedly rub against an invisible wall off of a high height in order to fall, or take one of the guns seen in the Wonderfun Basement and shoot themselves. They will always respawn seconds before the Stuicide occured after the Game Over screen.

How to commit Stuicide for real

  1. Wake up at no later than 4:00 AM
    Stu Ends his Life at 4 A.M00:09

    Stu Ends his Life at 4 A.M.-0

    Tutorial video

  2. Go into your kitchen
  3. Have your head drift onto your neck
  4. Grab a knife
  5. Jab the knife into the back of your hand and rotate it
  6. Ensure your love interest walks into the room and asks what the hell you're doing
  7. Reply with, "Ending my life" and let your crush do nothing
  8. Scream before dying

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