Test Tubes is a puzzle game developed by Checkmark Studios that was released on February 4, 2015 on Steam. The game's age rating is E10+ for mild violence and infrequent language and was given a 8.5/10 by IGN. The game was inspired by Portal, and is rumored to be set in the same universe as Portal.


The player signs up to enroll in a series of deadly experiments involving test tubes a week before the game's events. The game starts showing a small square room with white tiles and presumably glass walls. A small droid greets you and tells you it's name, Blue. Blue strangely acts like a human being would in a conversation, and gives the player a contract they must sign. After a humorous explanation of the side-effects of the test tubes, the player signs their name. Blue personally doesn't like their name, and assigns you a nickname. The player can choose yes or no to this nickname, but either choice doesn't matter as Blue assigns the player their real name anyway.

A set of two metal doors open, revealing a room with a blue test tube. The player is guided by Blue, who stays at the entrance of the rooms, giving you advice and a bit of backstory at times. When you complete the experiment, Blue teleports to the end and follows you to the next room. The player then drinks the test tube after Blue says some facts about the test tube, and the player has enhanced speed. The player can now run and jump over the large gap that leads to darkness below.

After a few rooms, Blue gives the player a bottle of water as a reward for your heard work. The speed experiments are over, and the strength experiments begin. After that, the two combine, as you can be both quick and strong during those experiments. After about fifty experiments, you find yourself in a break room like place. The player takes a break from the experiments in a room with several couches and vending machines. The player finds a human skull underneath the couch, and Blue nervously laughs and tells them to ignore the object.



The game is seen through the eyes of the player, and due to this the game's enviroment is realistic in most people's opinions. In the game, the player enters a room through sliding metal doors, and drinks a test tube to improve their speed, strength, agility, combat, etc. The player can also mix the test tubes contents at times to create another one. For example, speed plus strength equals a mix of both.


  • Valve, the creators of Portal and Half-Life, helped make Test Tubes.