The Deepest Web is an RPG horror game developed by TBE and released on Steam on January 7, 2015 for 7.99.


A man is fired from a small team of game developers who have recently developed a social website. The man was fired for apparently destroying the network, which never took off. The man, who's name is now revealed to be named Joe, goes on his computer to write an email to the company to sincerely apologize. However, he types the web address wrong and lands on a webpage containing binary and codes. Joe then looks up a translator and types in the message. The result is the key for The Deepest Web, a layer of the web lower than any other layer. After it's discovery, mysterious things happen throughout the city he lives in, such as the web company's low-paid maid being killed by wires in their small headquarters. Joe thinks: if he can stop what's going on and crack all of the codes, he can stop this madness and get hired back!

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