Toast Man's Adventure for The Golden Toaster is a 2D sprite-based RPG video game released for the PC on January 25, 2015. It was rated 10 by Commonsensemedia and given a 4-star rating by most rating sites such as IMDb.


Toast Man is a piece of toast that lives in an alternate dimension where Earth is inhabited by inanimate objects such as toast and pencils. He's a normal guy with a normal house and a normal job selling lemonade at his lemonade stand. One day, Toast Man reads the (talking) newspaper and finds out about the Golden Toaster, which he could sell as a tanning bed for a fortune. Toast Man immediately requests for a map from the newspaper, and it appears, with the newspaper excited for the adventure. The newspaper joins your party, and you go to adventure.

Toast Man start off in the city, and you encounter citizens robbing an old woman's purse. Toast Man immediately takes action, and the player begins their first battle. Once your party defeats the robbers, you return the purse and Toast Man earns the rank of Neighborhood Superhero. The more good deeds you do for people, the higher your rank will be. This is also the equivalent to levels. Newspaper sees an abandoned van, and Toast Man decides to take it. The robber's friends chase the van, and if you mash the button that says DRIVE!, your party can get away.


After many challenges and battles, you arrive at the hardest part of the game, The Golden Toaster's Path.


The game got 4/5 stars by IMDb, praising it for its silliness, but deep story. It got mixed reviews by

Mark Edward Fischbach (Markiplier) plays the game and gets a Game Over.

critics, some complaining about the lack of enough music, and some complaining about hard parts in the game, mostly The Golden Toaster's Path.


  • The game can be considered a horror game due to the fact that when you die in the city, there is a rare chance Burnt Toast will jumpscare you emitting a loud, shrieking noise.