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Urban dictionary -- logo

Official logo of the Urban Dictionary.

The Urban Dictionary is a crowd-sourced slang word dictionary created in 1999 by then college freshman Aaron Peckham. Many words commonly used on Creation Wiki, as well as Drillimation, have spawned on Urban Dictionary. Since its founding, the site has been transformed into a place where teenagers whine about their friends, teachers, schools, etc.

According to the site's Terms of Service, not all content is appropriate for all users, which is why the site is blacklisted on most web filters. In addition, Drillimation Studios staff have used Urban Dictionary when updating the profanity filter to look up slang words that are not found in most dictionaries.

In the anime

The Drillimation Series

In the Drillimation anime, the Urban Dictionary has been used many times to whine about things Team Ankoku has done to the Lucky Star Kingdom.

List of known memes

  • In the Creation Show episode DIE MAMETCHI, the episode generated controversy when it spread on Tamagotchi forums, this lead to the episode's comments spreading on social media and other websites, including Urban Dictionary.