well its time to review another stuff

this one is a cartoon network "show" called teen titans go

my first thought was "ayy its a teen titans sequel how bad can it be"

how bad can it be, i asked

it can be

very bad

Legendary Sandwich

this is the first episode of teen titans go. it focuses on the mlg squad trying to find the ingredients to a legendary sandwich

so robin is supposed to collect the bread which takes like forever in a boring supermarket scene thats not even remotely funny

and the other 4 just get brutally mauled by sandwich guardians while trying to find the other ingredients

in the end they find the sandwich ingredients and they put it together but their pet silkie eats it and gains immortality


wow so my theory is that the writers were starved by the cn executives because they couldn't make up a plot so they just made an episode about food

i meant two episodes about food

yeah two episodes about food

the next one is about pie

Pie Bros

so if i can remember correctly beast boy couldnt get a birthday present for cyborg so he gets a job at a pie place

or something

its just as bad as legendary sandwich

i think the episode ended with robin raven and starfire getting... horrifically merged together with pies by this elderly female villain i forgot the name of

but then the titan-pies get... eaten by cyborg and beast boy?


i cant


1/10 for at least TRYING to make an entertaining show

just dont watch it

there's no plot, episodes make little to no sense and the jokes arent funny

popples was better than this

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