Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and Marvel in the past, but here is my opinion:

The big question is What would happen if Disney bought Kyoto Animation?

This would probably be expensive for a foreign studio, but a lot of things would happen if Disney acquired KyoAni:

  • Disney would not be buying any of their franchises, but mainly crafting high-quality PG-rated animated films based on them.
  • In the Drillimation series, Konata Izumi, princess of the Lucky Star Kingdom, and Haruhi Suzumiya, princess of Kingdom Brigade, would probably end up folding into the world of Disney princesses.
  • Any productions that are part of existing KyoAni franchises will probably be snatched by Disney. For example, Miyakawa Family Hunger, not produced by KyoAni, would end up being acquired from Ordet.
  • Any of Key's visual novels such as Clannad and Air, may also be acquired by Disney.

If you have any suggestions that should go on this list, comment below.

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