I need ideas for the movie. So far, this is what I got:

  • Include characters from Ouran High School Host Club.
  • Have folk rock be the primary music.
  • Have the English version air on Nicktoons, because why not?

Sophie recently gave me these ideas:

  • Have PB&J be done in a Hamtaro/Pokemon mix.
  • Have an orchestra play a few songs for the film (mostly the music taking place in the music room that the Ouran Host Club occupies)
  • Have a scene where Rabbit Peanut is mistaken for Usa-chan by Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka
  • Have a scene where Tamaki Suoh falls into a pit and Squirrel Jelly rescues him
  • Have a scene where Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka sets mouse traps for Mouse Butter and Haruhi has to remind him about the threesome not causing trouble

This is what I got for the plot:

The entire Ouran High School Host Club (and the music room the host club occupies in general) are taken by a tornado into an empty woodland forest. Haruhi Fujioka decides that the place needs to be fixed, when the host club are greeted by three woodland animals. The woodland animals reveal themselves to be PB&J. Haruhi wonders if the threesome were originally otters. Tamaki Suoh shakes hands with the threesome. Haruhi goes into the music room and begins developing an Animorph Ray. Meanwhile, Mitsukuni Haninozuka mistakes Rabbit Peanut for Usa-chan, his stuffed bunny. Haruhi continues working on the Animorph Ray. Takami falls into a pit and calls for help, so Squirrel Jelly rescues him. Meanwhile, Haruhi tries to fix the remaining bugs to the Animorph Ray. Takashi Morinozuka doesn't feel convinced that they are not causing harm, so he sets mouse traps for Mouse Butter. Haruhi sees him and convinces him that the threesome are not up to any harm. Takashi puts all the mouse traps in a bag, and Haruhi goes back into the music room. Haruhi reveals what she calls her version of the Animorph Ray. She tells Mitsukuni that he was carrying Peanut the whole time and not Usa-chan, causing Mitsukuni to put Peanut down. Haruhi turns PB&J back to normal, and Haruhi sees a tidal wave. Mitsukuni grabs the real Usa-chan and the entire host club go back in the music room. After they are back at Ouran High, they glue and nail down any unstable part of the music room. Once everything was fixed, the host club welcomed their guests back. Meanwhile, PB&J find Haruhi's Animorph Ray and accidentally turn themselves back.

If anyone else has any ideas for a sequel film, I'd love to see them.

(I know what you're thinking; please don't spam pictures here)

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